Experience is everything, take every moment to live learn and luv...photography is in my heart and I live and luv to learn..."I Just Wanna Be, I Just Wanna Be Successful"-Drake said that best ForTheLoveofPhotos | Promote Your Page Too
Kamisha Roper

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Candid Photos Taken Lately




This East Coast…i gotta get back there…


Too Muthaufcan funny!!!

Funny Stuff…

Gabriela Carpio model…♥JerseyHeartPhotography♥

I am always feeling like I need to be doing something whether it’s taking pictures or editing them.  Or doing a video and editing that…well I am getting my ish together and I will be pumping them out real damn soon…Might as well say i have a studio apartment, life will go on in the bedroom, front room will be ALL WORK NO PLAY(well the kitchen is out there, but that’s it)… <3